Prison Doula Services

Rikers Island Doula Program with Department of Corrections (DOC)

We have been humbled to provide doula services to incarcerated pregnant women who are currently at Rikers Island Rose M. Singer's Women's Jail. Since the program's inception in Summer 2016, we have supported many women with one-on-one doula consults, childbirth education, prenatal support, art therapy, meditation, birth planning, prenatal nutrition, and pain management prior to birth (as labor and birth support services from doulas or family members for inmates are currently not allowed by DOC). Our doulas also provide postpartum and infant feeding/lactation support in the nursery also housed at the jail for select incarcerated moms who are admitted to the nursery program. Lastly we provide prenatal and postpartum yoga in collaboration with Liberation Prison Yoga

Ancient Song Prison Doula Services & Re-Entry Program

Our Rikers Island Doula Program is integral to our work as we push more inclusive, comprehensive, and intersectional doula care that is attentive to those most excluded by public healthcare systems and social structures at large. In our work at Rikers we seek to individualize and customize the care we give with regards to histories of inter-generational trauma, abuse, and survivorship. 

Ancient Song aims to publish a zine in the near future with regards to guiding other doulas who give support within the correctional system and transitional resources for previously incarcerated clients. 

The program is currently led by our two doulas Olivia Ahn and Somaliah Williams, and is composed of doulas who provide specialization in massage therapy, acupressure, meditation, nursing, and lactation counseling. 

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We are currently accepting monetary donations, baby items, and pregnancy literature to support our incarcerated and previously incarcerated moms. If you can make a donation please email us or