Antepartum Doula

Specializing in supporting pregnant people going through a high-risk or difficult pregnancy. We support our clients in a number of ways. If a pregnant person is on bed rest, an antepartum doula can help much like a postpartum doula helps a new parent – cooking meals, light housework, helping the mother organize things for the new baby, navigating culturally appropriate resources, attending appointments and, most importantly, providing emotional and informational support, and advocacy.

Birth Doula 

Ancient Song birth doulas offer support throughout pregnancy. So, whether you are 14 weeks or 37 weeks we can assist you on your path to the birth you want.  By offering emotional and physical support, counseling, information to make informed decisions, advocacy, and non-judgemental support.

We specialize in high risk pregnancies, VBAC's, Sexual Abuse/Trauma, and more. 

Embracing the whole and not just the parts to offer you the support you need to birth as you choose. 


Postpartum Doula 

ASDS postpartum doulas are here to assist you with self care options, healing from c-section, traumatic birth, light housework, light meals, newborn care, sleep habits, infant feeding issues and solutions, nutritional guidance, and a comforting ear as  you transition into parenthood.

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Abortion/ Miscarriage /Stillbirth

ASDS Doula offers non-judgmental support throughout your reproductive health choices. Our doulas are trained to offer culturally humble care and resources to affirm you through your healthcare. We can attend appointments and offer aftercare as necessary in home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many patients do you serve at Ancient Song Doula Services?

Each year Ancient Song serves approximately 400 individuals throughout NYC. We have now expanded to serve parts of  Northern New Jersey.

Do you offer free health consultations?

Yes, our first consultation last approximately 30-40 minutes and is completely free. During, this appointment we discuss services offered and how we can best serve you.

How long does it take to be matched with a doula?

Typically, 5  business days but this depends on holidays and current influx of clients and doula availability.

How much will services cost?

Our services are on a sliding scale depending on income, client request for an experienced doula, and when we were contacted to begin services.

Is there a cutoff time for acquiring services?

No, there is no cutoff ideally you want to start services in your second trimester of pregnancy. But if you are 37 weeks and trying to obtain a doula it may be difficult under short notice.  We do our best to accommodate everyone.

Do you accept insurance?

No, unfortunately at this time we do not accept Medicaid or Private Insurance. 

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, we offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs.

How do I obtain free doula services?

Free doula services are designated for those whom otherwise would not be able to afford care. This is based on your income and other social factors that may play a role in you receiving care.

What are some forms of proof of income?

Last, three most recent paystubs, unemployment letter, letter from shelter or housing authority, WIC letter, and or letter from support person or entity.


Reimbursement for Services

Doula Services are based on a sliding scale guided by income verification.  All of our doula's come with varying experience from newly trained to experienced.  All of our doulas have been trained and/or certified with Ancient Song Doula Services.  Interested in services? Schedule a free consultation with us.