Virtual Full Spectrum Doula Services

During these unprecedented times Ancient Song is pleased to offer free full spectrum virtual doula services. Meet with a virtually to assist you through your reproductive life course. Doula's are available to provide guided care to you. 

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Is there a fee associated with services?

Virtual doula services are free from low income individuals. Proof of income is required. 

Is it safe to use virtual services?

Yes, we use a HIPPA compliant platform and all of our doulas have been trained to provide virtual doula services and our main concern is your safety at all times. 

How many visits will I receive? 

We offer 3-4 two hour prenatal sessions, provide support during your birth, and 3-4 two hour postpartum visits. These are subject to increase or decrease based on the level of comfort of the birthing person and needs. 

Can I switch to in-person care if it becomes necessary? 

Yes, we will offer in-person care on a case by case basis. Switching care will not affect the amount of services. 

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